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ScottsdaleMan.com will bring to life the personal touch of styling with a shopper’s guide to fashion, including everything from lounge wear, to outdoor gear to on-the-town attire.

  • Men’s stylists who specialize in the Scottsdale Scene will highlight locals’ personal style.
  • What’s hot in tech - everything from phones to wine openers, to cool cars andkitchen gadgets.
  • Health issues for men are front and center in today’s culture, and you fill find tips on how to stay fit, healthy, and powerful for you and for your partner. 
  • A hot men’s health topic is skin care. The tough leathery look is out, and a smoother, cleaner look is in. We will guide you through details of the best skin care available from topical treatments, to cosmetic surgery.  
  • Finances - Making money, spending money, saving money, and everything in-between.  How about advice from top Scottsdale financial analysts.  We have some of the best in the world.
  • Relationships - Get tips and guidance from the experts, all related to today’s lifestyle. 
  • Let’s have fun -  How to buy the perfect gift for her for any occasion. We’ll show you the best and hottest products on the market, all for making the best impression, and proving you really care.
  • Oh yeah, men at the spa -  Let’s tell the women to make room. Get an after-golf massage or another treatment at any one of the many internationally renowned Scottsdale resorts.
  • Time for a new car, be it exotic, import, or electric.  Let’s find out who you are.  And how about cool road trips?

This is the tip of an exciting new iceberg for men. ScottsdaleMan.com is about being the best man you can with panache, quality, style, image, and knowledge. 


"Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect."

— Charles Hix, Men’s Fitness & Health Author

What's Coming:

  • A tasteful guide to men’s fashion
  • Fitness trends from the experts
  • Health & sellness for today’s active man
  • Tech – What’s cool
  • Styling Do’s and Don’ts – Looking your best
  • Relationships
  • Professions and success

Going Live

ScottsdaleMAN.com will be coming online soon. 

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