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Men buy luxury more than women

Millionaire Men Are Key Buyers in the Luxury…

Scottsdale is a luxury city, like Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, and Manhattan, and it’s not just the women who have all the fun. While women may pay more attention to fashion, men with means are as interested – or more interested – in luxury. It’s just not the same luxury they’re after. According to…
Bone exercises weights

Resistance Exercises Can Help Men Keep Bones…

Men sometimes produce less testerone as they age, and one side effect of that can be weaker bones. But you can do weight-bearing exercises to help slow down that down. Throughout your life, the bones in your body demolish and then rebuild. If they are not kept strong, they can become porous and…

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  • A tasteful guide to men’s fashion
  • Fitness trends from the experts
  • Health & sellness for today’s active man
  • Tech – What’s cool
  • Styling Do’s and Don’ts – Looking your best
  • Relationships
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