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Bone exercises weights

Men sometimes produce less testerone as they age, and one side effect of that can be weaker bones. But you can do weight-bearing exercises to help slow down that down.

Throughout your life, the bones in your body demolish and then rebuild. If they are not kept strong, they can become porous and thin. The good news is that not everyone experiences this, and the right exercise routine can keep it at bay.

According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, the best exercises are the weight-bearing ones that put pressure on the bones, which stimulates bone formation.

It’s common for men, particularly active men, to have fractures during life that can cause problems later, so applying pressure on them helps keep bones strong and healthy, paticularly in the spine and hips. Exercises that help considerably include hiking (or just walking), climbing stairs, or dancing.

Hiking or walking is good for the bones

If you belong to a Scottsdale gym or have weights or other resistance training devices at home, using those a few times a week stimulates the bones as well as the muscles. That helps with arms, wrists, and lower body. Resistance bands, weight machines, and free weights can help here.

Another suggestion is “impact-loading” exercises, such as jumping rope, which also can be used as a warm-up for the rest of the workout.

Dr. Howard LeWine of Harvard Men’s Health Watch recommends that you incorporate these types of activities in your regular workout routine.

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